Don’t tell Intuition, but she’s the coolest girl I know.

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June 15, 2017 by Brodie

Do you ever think about the choices you make, and how if you’d made a slightly different choice your life would be incomprehensibly different?

I think Ashton Kucher was in a movie about that exact thing, actually. Or maybe his movie was about his choices affecting the rest of the world.

Who knows.

The idea of tiny choices making big differences is something I think about a lot – probably too much for my own good. Is it healthy to continually reassess your life choices, like what you had for breakfast five years ago?

Or what would have happened if I’d said yes instead of no. Turned left instead of right. Gotten my drivers licence at 16 – how many more opportunities would I have had because I wouldn’t have had any difficulties getting there?

But what if some small decision turned out badly? What if I’ve narrowly avoided death multiple times before making it to this point, and it’s only my natural intuition that’s protecting me?

True, but probably a bit too morbid.

I wish I relied on my intuition more, even in the most mundane things. Intuition always has my back, really, even though I don’t realise it until after.

I used to think I was psychic because I would think to myself, ‘I need to take an extra pen today’ for just about no reason, not take the pen, and then have my pen run out half way through a MAJOR test (as they only ever did).  All that ever happened was that I quietly panicked and tried to find a new pen and berated myself for not trusting my intuition.

That’s what’s brought me here today, really.

I’ve been thinking about writing a blog for a little while now. I’ve always had an interest in writing and blogging, though when I was a teenager it took the form of prose writing and roleplaying online because I was super cool like that. Now writing blogs is a very loose part of what I do at my copywriting job (so I know all the tips and tricks for a hella blog aw yeah)(don’t tell my boss I said that).

Today though, I was thinking about it again and the title “The Vodka Aunt” popped into my head (apt, since that’s what all of my friends and my pregnant sister refer to me as) and I just felt like today was the time.

And I mean, I’m giving up precious time Netflixing Anne With An E to set this up so someone out there better be reading.

I don’t know how long I’ll stick with it, since my track record with this sort of thing hasn’t been too great in the past – especially judging by the amount of tumblr’s I’ve had in the past – but maybe it’ll do me some good to have a place to write down all the ridiculous things that go through my head.

And hey, someone has to find my runaround life and stories about dodgy dudes funny, right?


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