There’s a reason I was never a trolley girl.

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June 25, 2017 by Brodie

So the initial idea for this blog was that I would write once, maybe twice a week. ‘Course, I forgot to take into account that I work like a maniac and that I never have any spare time.

Plus I’ve had a housemate this past week in the form of a mouse that makes so much noise at night that I’m not getting any sleep.

Everything actually came to a head with zombie-mode on Saturday while I was at work.

First, a little background. A couple of days a week I work as a waitress at a local tourist observation deck, and a lot of our storage is on lower levels, which can only be accessed through the staff elevator with a fob. Some of the things that get stored down there are the large trolley that we put all of our breakfast buffet set up on, and the trolley that we use to transport four trestle tables. All of these trolleys have terrible wheels and normally take two people to steer.

Now this particular day, my boss came up to me and asked me to take the buffet trolleys downstairs, and go for my break straight after (since the break room is on the ground floor).

I, of course, said sure, but asked for someone to come help me since I can’t push the trolleys on my own.

Boss: “Nah, they’ve got all new wheels, you’ll be sweet.”

Me: “… okay.”

So I go and I get the keys with the fob and I do actually manage to steer the trolleys around to the elevator without a problem.

The elevator arrives and I step in with the keys to lock the elevator so that I don’t have to worry about the doors closing on me while I try and Tetris the trolleys inside.

Problem no.1 – the key to lock the elevator isn’t working.

This is a problem, but not like an end of the world problem. The others manage to get everything in without locking the doors so why can’t I? In goes the table trolley, everything is good – but then the doors start to close.

With this particular elevator, because it services all levels of the building, if someone is calling it from another floor lower down the doors will just start to close once you’ve used up your “allotted time” and there’s nothing you can do to get them open again.

And I still had another, more difficult to manoeuvre trolley on the other side of the vestibule.

Right, I think to myself, I’ll just take the table trolley out, go swap my gets for the set that I know will definitely lock the elevator, and try again.

So I start pulling the table trolley back out and move it slightly the wrong way and all the tables fall and hit the elevator doors that are still trying to close on me.

Now these tables are heavy, and there’s no way that I can get them back on the trolley myself, so I had to abandon the elevator mess in search of help.

Luckily, one of my co-workers wasn’t busy and he could come help me. He pushes the table trolley back into the elevator and before either of us can do anything else the doors close and he’s gone.

To where, I had no idea, since I was still standing on the outside of the elevator with the second trolley and the fob to select a floor.

(At this point, I ran into my boss again and was able to explain to her, through that kind of disbelief laugh-crying, what was happening).

It takes a million years for the elevator to come back, and when it does I’m fully expecting to see my co-worker when the doors slide open – but am instead greeted by the building maintenance man and all of his assorted bits and bobs.

(Where tf is my friend??)

I push the trolley into the elevator and we ride down to the storage level, where I find my co-worker waiting for me, so clearly he got someone else to buzz him to where he needed to go. We finally get all the trolleys stowed away and then decide that we’ll buzz me down to the lobby and buzz him back upstairs and he could take the keys since I wouldn’t need them on break.

The elevator comes once again, going upstairs, and my co-worker gets on, taking the keys with him.

However now I don’t have the keys, or the fob, so when the elevator comes for me I take it to the loading bay and have to walk out and around the building – much to the confusion of the lobby staff, who were then crying with laughter at my story and the resounding “and now all I wanna do is eat some dang sushi!” that I rounded it out with.



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